How do I get additional help with my order?

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If you prefer, let us find rugs for your home! We have partnered with online customers for over fifteen years, and our knowledgeable staff has decades of combined experience placing handmade rugs with customers all over the world.
Simply send us a few details:
  • Measure your space to determine the size rug you need. If you aren’t sure, send us the measurements of the space and any furniture or space constraints.
  • Give us direction on the design or colors you are looking for.
  • If you would like to send us color swatches of paint or fabric, we are happy to provide you an address for correspondence.

In many cases, we can send higher resolution images to give you a more detailed view of each rug.

Rugs that are not one-of-a-kind may be able to be sampled with individual yarn color pods or tabs.

We will also search any inventory that is not currently available online to see if there are additional items applicable to your project.

You are welcome to send us photos of your spaces under consideration showing the entire area and any close-up color or design details that are significant. If possible, try to avoid strong light sources or glare.

If you are considering an 8x10 or larger rug, we may be able to insert/superimpose possible rug candidates into your photos to help communicate what is possible before you actually purchase the rug.

Most of the time we can find exactly what you or looking for; if not, we can help you explore custom options to create a personalized solution.