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How to Select the Perfect Rug Size and Shape for Your Space

Sep 06, 2022

Outfitting your space with all of the elements coordinating perfectly, complementing one another and fitting neatly with size, scale and placement can seem like an overwhelming task.  A lack of proper planning leaves much room for mistakes. Our team of design experts are here to help you consider how to choose the perfect rug size and shape for your space, creating a professional look that makes everyone think you hired an experienced interior designer.    Choose, Place and Group Your Furniture  If you’re planning a room from scratch, a good place to start is by acquiring all of the main furniture elements that will make up the room. Place the furniture in the room based on traffic flow, navigation, function...

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How do I purchase a rug online?

Dec 16, 2021

Rugs available in our Sale and Vault selections can be purchased online at any time. Once you’ve added the rugs you would like to purchase to your cart, proceed to checkout. If you have any discount codes, please enter them during checkout. If you are a member of the trade, you will be required to log in to receive your trade discount. Submit your order by entering a valid Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card, or choose the Klarna payment option (for orders $10,000 and under) to split payments into four, equal installments. You will receive an order receipt via email and a salesperson will contact you the same day or the next business day to confirm your order and...

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Why do Tufenkian's handmade carpets vary in size?

Dec 15, 2021

Tufenkian carpets differ from machine-made carpets in several ways, including variations in size. These variations exist because of the numerous handmade processes used to make each rug. The variation in size ranges from +/- 2% in width and +/- 4% in length. Our wool is spun into yarn by hand; therefore, the yarn varies in diameter, which results in knots of varying size. The thinner the yarn, the smaller the knot; the thicker the yarn, the larger the knot. So it follows that the smaller the knots, the smaller the rug; and the larger the knots, the larger the rug. Additionally, during the weaving process, each row of knots is beaten down by hand. This also contributes to variations in...

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What is the Tufenkian Custom Rug Program?

Apr 18, 2018

What do we do?   The Tufenkian Custom Program offers our customers the ability to customize a rug by either modifying existing programmed rugs in construction, design, scale, color, or shape, or else by creating their own design in original colors and unique shapes.  We offer endless possibilities with custom designs, shapes, and dyed colors. Our color library alone contains over 1,200 colors, 450 of which are represented in our current collection of rugs. Additionally, we can value engineer rugs by moving into a different construction, like switching out silk for bamboo silk for example, to get more in line with price-sensitive projects.  Custom rugs are a large and important part of our business: we produce nearly 1,000 custom rugs...

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The Tufenkian Guide to Pile Height Perfection

May 11, 2017

Pile is a common term found when searching rug e-commerce sites, but what does rug pile mean? Rug pile refers to the visible tufts of yarn on a rug’s surface. In other words, the pile is the face of the rug. Rug pile can be cut or left in loops, thick or thin, soft or coarse. Making Sense of Rug Pile Types When browsing rug e-commerce sites, you’ve probably come across the term ‘pile’. But often, even the more discerning may not fully understand what it means, and how it may affect your living space. Let us offer you some added clarity on carpet pile types. In short, ’pile’ refers to the visible tufts of yarn on a rugs surface....

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