Which Tufenkian rugs are produced in Armenia and why?

Apr 24, 2017

Weaves Esfahan Weave The most luxurious of Armenian qualities, Esfahan has a knot count comparable to or higher than Tibetan Shakti. This quality is available in all wool, may mix soumakh and pile construction and up to three plies of yarn. This smooth, thick pile is ADA compliant yet lends itself to delicate, fine detail designs.  The dyeing process deliberately creates color shadings, and pieces are treated with special wash to emphasize abrash and color striation.   Tabriz Weave Our Tabriz quality has a knot count comparable to or higher than our Tibetan Shakti, but slightly lower than Esfahan quality. Available in all wool, we may mix soumakh and pile construction. Tabriz is suitable for detailed designs and employs triple-ply...

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Which Tufenkian rugs are produced in Nepal and why?

Apr 14, 2017

Lama Tibetan rugs made with Lama construction have an average pile height of .45” which is slightly lower than the similar appearing Setana construction. Lama, Setana, and Kotana are considered our more textural weaves.  Lama features the lowest price per square foot of any of our Tibetan area rug selections. Although the construction is similar to Setana, the price per square foot is less. It is also ADA compliant. Setana Tibetan rugs made with our Setana construction have a slightly higher average pile height of .55”, while both Setana and Lama have the same knot count per square inch. Setana and Lama yarns are thicker than the Kotana, Timpa, and Shakti yarns, and are used in creating simpler Tibetan rug...

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