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A focused look at what’s current, what’s fresh, and always--what’s interesting in our latest seasonal launches. Then there are the things never change: every Tufenkian rug maintains the same standards of excellence, and each upholds our dedication to social responsibility.

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Rebel Silk

Haiku XII

extremely handmade
we declare independence
through evolution

The Rebel Silk process evolves ancient Tibetan carpet-weaving practices to ensure that each rug possesses a unique and sacred geometry with nearly infinite hues of delicately hand-dyed silk. This collection was crafted and charted by the hands of artisans to be admired by the eyes of connoisseurs.

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Urban Fresco

Haiku XIV

among the layers
where rich wool marries soft silk
deep beauty resides

These silk and wool rugs command rapt attention. With their intricate and utterly unique textures, they echo the power of time-worn frescoes. By painstakingly creating varying pile heights of silk and wool, our artisans have deconstructed the essence of beauty and conjured a collection that stands above and apart.

Perfect for sophisticated city dwellers, and urban style rug provide the ultimate for cosmopolitan living – with nods to contemporary, modern and industrial influences, this elevated design style stands on its own. Always en vogue thanks to its common emphasis on comfort and inspiration from glamorous city life urban rugs also makes for a savvy route to create your own oasis in the city.

Urban style rugs are also great for an industrial loft or modern apartment overlooking the rooftops of the city in iconic fashion. Think of commanding spaces that take full advantage of architectural drama realized with visionary furniture and stunning decor.

Fresco rugs are a key element in urban modern interior design understood to be both contemporary and industrial at their essence, but not as aggressive as popular ultra-modern or tech inspired industrial design. Urban and industrial scenes conjure up images of concrete and asphalt - hard dispassionate surfaces - yet urban fresco rugs have a softer side to them, from colors warm to cool, urban rugs define interior decorating in the city where equal attention is given both to comfort and functionally brilliant design.

Urban fresco rugs are all about creating a soothing and peaceful yet gloriously decorated home featuring a lived-in sense of charm for everyday living. Use urban style rugs to pull a room together with cosmopolitan influence, while keeping it warm and inviting at the same time try fresco rugs with minimal features softened by plush piles of wool and silk. Fresco rugs can be used to keep your home feeling more playful, unique, and intoxicating in ways that ultra-modern and industrial design rugs cannot accomplish.

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nature the artist
sculpting with every breath
here we pay tribute.

Over the ages, water, wind and ice have sculpted the surface of the earth into fascinating patterns and textures. This collection pays tribute to those forces and the art they have created in the world around us.

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Haiku VIII

we salute greatness
Rothko Richter Barbeau
here there be giants

We love the powerful emotional content of Abstract Expressionism. To honor the true masters of this form we developed a lustrous new material -- Bamboo Silk -- with a lustrous sheen that beautifully evokes their spontaneous artistry. Explore the 'Untitled' Collection, with rugs hand knotted in both 100% Tufenkian Bamboo Silk and a combination of Tufenkian Bamboo Silk and wool.

These organic, painterly 'Untitled' area rugs are among our most versatile: place them in a modern home to add a touch of softness; choose one for a transitional style room for a nod of modern design; use your favorite to create a soothing palette for your space.

Tufenkian's bamboo silk has been used for decades in our production, and our patented yarns represent the finest in the industry. Their sheen and softness lend a true feeling of movement and brushstrokes to these designs, truly making them hand knotted art for the floor.

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Nature Rocks

Haiku III

subdued soft textures
sing gentle songs of beauty
designed without design

With this collection, we reject structured form and design in favor of a subdued, textural base that provides a grounded and natural elegance.

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Mohair Moroccans: Tribal Origins

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Haiku II

strong modern vibrant
tribal patterns deliver
sacred geometry


This collection is clean, simple and fresh, with hints of mid-century that sometimes lean towards primitive and tribal.

Add warmth through color and texture with a show stopping modern area rug as the centerpiece to your modern design space. Modern, minimalist design concepts often exude a cool, stark look and feel. Warm colors and soft textures help balance the look, creating a cozy ambience that invites you and your guests to come in, relax and enjoy your soothing space.

Bold Geometrics and Clean Lines.

From black and white checks and monochromatics to marbled and harmonized blends, Tufenkian modern area rugs provide the statement piece you’re looking for. Whether you have an eye for bold, contrasting lines and shapes, or you prefer the understated impact and refined sophistication of subtle details, you’ll find the perfect contemporary carpet to adorn your special space.

 Rich Fabrics, Textures and Weaves.

Stimulating the senses through a plethora of textural elements, you’ll be delighted to discover that no two of our contemporary carpets are the same. We offer a wide array of the most rich and high-quality authentic fabrics, including silk, wool, bamboo silk, and hemp. Our skilled, carpet-weaving artisans create masterful works of art varying in texture, pile height and weave to give you the exact look and feel you desire.

 Subtle Sophistication.

The right contemporary elements showcase your room’s space, including architectural details, line flow and article placement. Adding a modern Tufenkian rug to a room helps set off a clean, comfortable, minimalist design.

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Haiku IV

tone on tone
traditional patterns
beyond time and trend

When timeless discovers understated… peace is found; that’s the all-encompassing feeling behind the Tufenkian Transitional Collection. With its quiet tone on tone, its subtle pattern on subtle pattern, these carpets are a beautiful integration of contemporary and traditional.

The premium level of transitional rugs includes some of the most sophisticated, velvety and seductive carpets ever made. These elite hand crafted transitional style rugs have been installed in the most elegant penthouses, estates, yachts, and some of the more recognizable addresses in the world. Made from the finest wool, the best silk, and the most talented artisans, each transitional carpet is an heirloom.

When the most refined materials are applied to unparalleled designs you achieve a rug that comes alive as you walk around it! With mesmerizing designs inspired by the raw beauty of nature, the exotic mystery of the Far East, and the musicality of geometry, the transitional carpet collection offers the finest quality in a variety of styles.

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Traditional and Arts and Crafts

woven history
abstracted and recombined
timeless stories told

Free-flowing and gently striated, these carpets reinvigorate classical Middle Eastern and Craftsman era themes. Archetypal elements are extracted from period pieces, then abstracted, rescaled, and recombined with intentionally generous spacing that communicates and enhances their timeless elegance.

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Pure Textures

in the deepest pile
we find the purest beauty
only nature will do

Here we strive for purity in every way. Many of these thick, plush rugs are crafted entirely free of dyes and chemicals. The soft beauty of natural marbling and woven striations provides a grounding presence unlike any other.

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Tradition Deconstructed

proudly stripped bare
weathered yet infinite
awaiting your embrace

Each piece in this collection celebrates the elements of its construction and composition by introducing them as the art itself. Pile is skillfully removed to reveal the knots themselves and the foundation of warp and weft that supports them, and upon which they are tied. The result is carpets that captivate with infinite complexity; the pure expression of the multitude of human hands that created them.

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Barbara Barry

seashells in the sand
golden fields of winter wheat
nature threads this needle

Renowned designer Barbara Barry takes the inspiration for this understated collection from nature’s patterns and subtle colorations, to create the effect of quiet, timeworn beauty that will be cherished for generations.

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Homespun Transitional

Substantial underfoot with a soft nubby hand, the casual/informal texture speaks of vintage fabrics, plush surroundings, and comfortable livable luxury. Recalling carpets of an earlier period of Nepali carpet making, Homespun revives the use of a thick singleply yarn, imbuing an incomparable heritage and distinct rarified character.

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Musically inspired transitional designs. Made in India of 100% wool.

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Designer Reserve

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Skins and Wild Things

look and we will see
crouching tiger hidden sheep
both play at our feet

These playful rugs deliver a light touch while honoring the power of creatures revered across cultures and time. The bold Tibetan tiger images are sourced from antique carpets collected by James Tufenkian.

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Artisan Hand Tufted

for those who demand
quality without the wait
no compromises

These tufted rugs, with their simple, geometric patterns, quickly and affordably accommodate those who may be tight on time and budget but expect, as they should, our highest standards of excellence

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