Using Antique Inspired Rug Designs to Create a Vintage Aesthetic
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Using Antique Inspired Rug Designs to Create a Vintage Aesthetic

Adding antiques and vintage pieces to a space continues to trend in the design world in 2022 and gives you the creative power to build a layered, unique, individualized space that is full of character and vibrance.

Antique Versus Vintage Design: What’s the Difference?

Antique is defined as items dating 100 years or older, while vintage generally refers to collectible, nostalgic items from the past 20-99 years. But in the realm of design and décor, the two terms have become synonymous in meaning and are considered interchangeable.

Modern Design Tips for Incorporating a Vintage Aesthetic

Choose 1-2 Statement Pieces: to keep this style fresh and to prevent a sense of strictness, stuffiness or overwhelm, stick to just a few statement pieces in a room.

Prioritize Subtlety Over Center Stage: antique pieces have a lot of impact, and they don’t always have to be the centerpiece of a room. To incorporate your love of vintage in a subtle, sophisticated way, consider several accent pieces, such as a great antique rug, end table or whimsical statue.

Rare Weaves hand knotted rugs are reproductions made by hand using antique motifs

Don’t Shy Away from Reproductions: while it’s easy to fall into the trap of procuring everything that is ‘period authentic,’ keep an open mind towards well-executed, quality modern reproductions and inspirational pieces. If you know what kind of a feeling you want your space to capture, then it becomes easy to translate that into a design element that helps pull together your room’s entire look. For instance, if you are inspired by an authentic antique Portuguese tile, consider a partial wall treatment or trim accents that bring that aesthetic into your space. If a vintage piece that you love has a special textural or material feature, borrow that element with a modern recreation to complete your theme without a stuffy, overdone look.

Create Instant Impact with an Antique Rug: Rugs are a subtle way to instantly transform a room into the look you want. Tufenkian’s newest antique aesthetic rug collection includes carefully curated, authentic carpets that will become heirloom pieces for your family.



The Tufenkian Traditionals

Rare Weaves: Kazak

The Rare Weaves: Kazak Collection features bold, archetypal designs inspired by antique patterns and motifs, making carpets from this curation the perfect compliment or statement piece in your antique or vintage inspired room.

Featuring daring, vibrant colors influenced by the history of Caucasian Armenian carpet weaving, each one-of-a-kind rug was made entirely by hand in the nomadic style wool warp and wept foundation of high-quality Armenian wool. Artisans infuse each piece with antique-inspired designs and elements outside of Erevan, Armenia.

Piece of Inspiration: Star Kazak T13Star Kazak T13 is a double star motif Armenian Kazak weave wool rug in a multi-colored palette. This rug was hand-knotted of 100% Armenian wool using our Kazak weave which has a pile height around a third of an inch. The double star symbol is used to express happiness and fertility. The colors used in this carpet are bright and energetic with red, antique gold, beige, ivory, spruce green and two shades of blue.

Star Kazak from our Rare Weaves collection

Piece of Inspiration: Barrow AquaBarrow Aqua elevates construction and finish to a timeless and beautiful work of art. Subtle variations in hand spun yarns and hand knotting captivate the eye, creating a traditional design inspired by a modern deconstructionist aesthetic. Hand knotted in India, this rug has a pile height under 1/2 of an inch.

Barrow Aqua hand knotted rug inspired by antique designs

Piece of Inspiration: Bordjalu RedBordjalu Red was hand knotted in Armenia of 100% wool using our Kazak weave which has a plush pile with a height around a third of an inch. This rug features a similar latch hook pattern seen in other Bordjalu rugs in the Kazak collection, however the pattern is used here just in the border. The hooks in the border design represent health, happiness, and protection. You will find many motifs and symbols in the field of this rug including human and animal figures, floral symbols and crosses, each with their own significance and meaning. The field is a bright, vibrant ruby red with accents in beige, blue, green and light yellow.

Bordjalu Hand Knotted Red Area Rug with Border

Piece of Inspiration: Dorset Ebony A new traditional, playfully updated, charmingly familiar imagery with contemporary construction, the Dorset Ebony design results in a highly textured interpretation of intricate detail. Dorset Ebony is a 100% wool carpet handcrafted in Nepal using our Kotana weave which has a pile height of about 0.41 inches. The field of this rug is a beautiful midnight black with accents in a range of colors from beige to red, blue, yellow and green.

Dorset Ebony bordered area rug design

Piece of Inspiration: Herat Snow Poppy Sheared Playful tribal details dance in the fields of this traditional border rug. Rich, nuanced wool finely handcrafted in Armenia, Herat Snow Poppy Sheared brings an airy light dance and timeless presence into your favorite space.

Herat Snow Poppy is a subtle grey-toned area rug

Piece of Inspiration: Zeigler Sultanbad Mocha This 100% wool rug was hand knotted in India and brings in warm, golden tones. Available only as an 8’ x 10’, Zeigler Sultanbad Mocha has a pile height under 1/2 of an inch, making it well-suited for high-traffic areas or placement of moving furniture.

Zeigler Sultanabad antique inspired area rug

Custom Design Your Perfect Antique Aesthetic

Adding antiques and vintage pieces to a space continues to trend in the design world and gives you the creative power to build a layered, unique, individualized space that is full of character and vibrance. By choosing statement pieces, favoring subtlety over center stage, and drawing inspiration from quality reproductions and elements of inspiration, you can create a modern vintage space that you can truly call your own.