What is the Tufenkian Wash?
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What is the Tufenkian Wash?

It has been our philosophy since we began our own production that, since we are making the finest quality products, we should finish them with only the finest quality washing. For many years, the finest finishing was available only in Switzerland. However, after years of experimentation and development of techniques, formulas, and equipment, we have created a wash in our factory in Nepal that meets our strict standards: the Tufenkian Wash. This process allows us to oversee and maintain wash quality, while dramatically reducing our delivery times and improving consistency and quality control.

For us, the Swiss wash had two drawbacks. First, because of added transit and handling, it slows delivery of our products by one to two months, compared to source-country washing. Second, it interjects a variable in the quality control process between the time the rug is checked at the factory, and the time it is received by us in New York. A rug that leaves the factory in perfect condition may develop quality problems in washing and arrive to us in New York in unsatisfactory condition.

It is important to note that we go to great lengths to ensure that the Swiss metal-complex dyes and cleaning chemicals used in the other rugs we offer are not used in a manner that is detrimental to the environment. After washing the rugs, we do not simply pour the contaminated water back into the ground or the public water supply, as many other manufacturers do. Instead, we purify the water, restoring it to drinkable quality before re-using it. We then dispose of the dyes, washing chemicals, and other contaminants carefully and separately.

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