Copy - Test of Tufenkian Bamboo Silk

Tufenkian Bamboo Silk

Tufenkian Bamboo silk is made exclusively for us by select producers. These partners have long experience supplying this material as a component of luxury hand made carpets without significant complaint. Bamboo silk is a superior type of viscose because it is made from bamboo fiber rather than wood or other materials. Because of its hydrophilic nature, bamboo silk avoids some of the negatives that may result from prolonged use of other types of viscose. In addition our bamboo silk carpets receive a special finishing which enhances their performance.


We have laboratory tested our bamboo silk and determined that its performance for soil retention and wear are acceptable, though not as good as that of our premium wool or natural silk products. While these exceptionally attractive decorative carpets are not made to last for generations and to gracefully endure heavy traffic as are most of our other products, their unique sheen and texture are alluring and allow us to create them at significantly lower price point than if they were made with real silk. We recommend Bamboo Silk rugs by cleaned by a professional.