Mosaic Hi Lo.

By Tufenkian

light dark shallow deep
tactile tiles woven complex
look now look again

Mosaic Hi Lo. Luxuriously tactile underfoot with an aesthetic nod to classical mosaics, our Mosaic quality effortlessly combines the modernity of pointillism with a blend of time-honored weaving techniques and forms. The resulting texture - both visual and tactile - is the hallmark of Mosaic Hi Lo.


Hand knotted in India of 100% wool. Stocked and available for delivery in 6x9, 8x10, 9x12, 10x14 and 12x16.

Materials. 100% Wool
Nominal Sizes Stocked: 6x9, 8x10, 9x12, 10x14, 12x16
Production Time: 90 to 120 days if not in stock
Quality Name: Mosaic Hi Lo

Detail of Adamento
Detail of Adamento Olive
Detail of Facade II
Detail of Minos Ruby