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Free flowing, highly textured and gently striated, Tufenkian Traditional Arts and Crafts carpets recall timeless middle Eastern and late nineteenth century American themes while infusing them with new vitality. Archetypal elements are extracted from period pieces, then abstracted, re-scaled, and recombined. Just as the Arts & Crafts Movement rejected mechanical processes and the lifeless articles they produce, we embrace the philosophy that it is only by employing the finest materials and the most extremely hand made techniques that carpets of enduring charm and value can be created. This category is flush with floral patterns, vines, defined borders, and craftsman imagery inspired by Stickley, Morris and Voysey. The collection is gorgeously produced using ancient weaving techniques and lush, richly hued wool. Each carpet tells a story and becomes an unforgettable part of your story as it nestles into your room.


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Value by Design

Made with the finest natural materials and craftmanship, destined to last a lifetime and become more beautiful with age, our modern designs are timeless to match our quality, not trendy and fleeting. This assures that they will be appreciated and valued for generations.

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