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Extremely Handmade by Tufenkian.

Semi Antique Heriz Rugs Collection

With bold, riveting designs, the Heriz rug holds a transformative beauty. 

One hot summer in the late ’70s, James Tufenkian was introduced to oriental rugs in the warehouse of a major importer. At the time, Tabriz “hunting design” rugs in beige were all the rage; although rather insipid, the market was crazy for them. One day, he was given permission to open up some big, coarsely woven rugs rolled up in the back of the warehouse which hadn’t been touched all summer.

His heart beat quickly as they lay one on top of the other on the floor. He ran from end to end, trying to take them all in—huge geometric patterns in bold rusts, reds, ochres, and blues contrasted with ivory and beige.

These were the Heriz.

This experience began his love affair with Heriz rugs, which continues to this day.

Heriz Rugs

The Heriz rug, named after its birthplace in Iran, possesses a powerful character at home in environments both modern and traditional. Their timeless geometric designs have earned them a celebrated position as one of the most popular tribal rugs while remaining durable, beautifully made, and more humbly priced than other Persian rugs.

Their striking color variety, eye-catching red-navy contrast, versatile patterns, and central medallions allow the Heriz rug to stand the test of time as a presence of design.

The Heriz Rug: Bold, Artistic, and Meaningful

Traditional Heriz rugs are handwoven with premium materials to enhance the quality and preserve the artisanal integrity of the cultural heritage from which they originated.

Their weaving techniques have been passed down for centuries, unaltered along the way. Crafted from soft, well-sourced wool, these rugs gain their visual appeal from their masterfully woven patterns that incorporate traditional tribal motifs and colors from the Heriz region, dyed with pure, natural dyes that soften over time to give the Heriz its well-known aged look.

The designs typically feature nature-derived shapes and cultural symbols that communicate the stories of old-country Persia. And the hand-tied, durable weave of Heriz rugs makes them ideal for any room.

Tufenkian’s selection of semi-antique Heriz rugs are hand-selected by James over decades of travel because of their utmost quality and most desirable patterns. They are all skillfully crafted the way they were meant to be: by hand and with passion.

Discover the Heriz Rug

True quality semi-antique Heriz rugs were crafted with superb materials that reflect substantial visual depth and texture, masterfully express the artist's original vision, and are exceptionally well-preserved.

Just as James discovered these magnificent semi-antique Heriz rugs for himself, so can you. Discover why extremely handmade semi-antique Heriz rugs are such extraordinary pieces.

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Made with the finest natural materials and craftmanship, destined to last a lifetime and become more beautiful with age, our modern designs are timeless to match our quality, not trendy and fleeting. This assures that they will be appreciated and valued for generations.

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