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Oriental Rugs & Carpets

Extremely Handmade by Tufenkian.

Bring your vision to life with the ideal mix of warmth, beauty, and durability offered by Tufenkian Oriental rugs. From organic and natural to sophisticated, whimsical, and contemporary, our Oriental  rugs are available in a plethora of designs to complement your unique style. Vibrant colors and bold elements combine with fiber strength and excellent craftsmanship, giving you the best mix of quality and style to brighten up your room and enhance your living space. Oriental  rugs can add a unique touch to any space. Additionally, Oriental Rugs are perfect for adding textures and life to any room. At Tufenkian, we offer a wide variety of high-quality, unique, and made-to-last Oriental rugs and carpets. There are a variety of rug styles that are considered Oriental; simply put, any rug crafted in Asia is considered an Oriental rug. This includes pieces made in Iran, Nepal, Pakistan, and China, among others. The only difference between the style of rugs is the location they are made and the designs of the rug, however, the colloquial understanding is that Oriental rugs are considered to have a traditional style.

Using traditional techniques and high-quality natural materials, our Oriental rugs are crafted by hand and made to last. They are the perfect way to add charisma and character to your home. Our Oriental rugs are designed to bring a unique style to your bedroom, living room, office, or other areas of your home.

Natural, Handmade Beauty:

Far superior to synthetics, Oriental Rugs or carpets can lighten up a room with their warm texture and bright colors. Whether your ideal look is striking or subtle, our hand-crafted Oriental rugs provide that design element you’ve been looking for to perfectly enhance your living space.

Time-tested Durability:

Meticulously made by passionate artisans, our Oriental rugs are perfect for any space, especially those in heavily-trafficked areas. Our Oriental rugs are strong enough to withstand the test of time with quality that is renowned for retaining its shape through the years, proving a valuable investment to your home’s décor. Our Oriental rugs ensure the highest level of shed-resistance and timelessness, offering a piece to complement any legacy collection as a family heirloom.

Make a Statement:

Oriental rugs are created to your unique style needs, suiting tastes that are subtle and soothing as well as those that are contemporary and striking. You’re sure to find Oriental rugs that perfectly fit your room or living space.

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Value by Design

Made with the finest natural materials and craftmanship, destined to last a lifetime and become more beautiful with age, our modern designs are timeless to match our quality, not trendy and fleeting. This assures that they will be appreciated and valued for generations.

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