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Traditional Rugs

Extremely Handmade by Tufenkian.

Build a sense of history and tradition into any room with the selection of Tufenkian traditional area rugs. An art form developed over thousands of years, master craftsmen are exceptionally skilled in the ancient craft of rug weaving where they infuse the beauty and majesty of historied lands into each and every rug design. Paying homage to traditional imagery and updated with a modern sensibility using the finest indigenous wool, our traditional area rugs are both new classics and future heirlooms.

By traditional rugs we mean interpreted traditional Persian, Turkish, Tribal or other. These rugs look to history for inspiration and are completely re-designed for increased simplicity, and re-colored for greater flexibility in placement. These designs express the spirit of old traditional rugs in a fresh, new contemporary way. These rugs may be floral, as in Persian rugs or geometric as in Caucasian rugs.

A traditional carpet may also be rugs woven in countries east of Europe. Persia, Turkey, China, India, Pakistan, Armenia, Nepal are examples. These rugs may be Floral as we see frequently in Persian rugs. Or they may be geometric like rugs from the Caucasus Mountain region and other village cultures. Sometimes these are called “tribal”. In the Oriental category rugs are classified as Floral, as in Persian rugs, or Geometric as in Caucasian rugs.

Traditional rugs also include Tibetan rugs which were one time just one of many historical rug weaving, rug using cultures. Less than 40 years ago woven Tibetan art became a unique addition to expand the existence of the traditional carpet. James Tufenkian modified historical Persian and Turkish rug designs and took them to the Tibetan weavers in Nepal. The immense popularity of these rugs has created a new category of decorative rugs we call Tibetan. These are the original Tufenkian Tibetan traditional rugs, including carpets still created by the Tibetans in Nepal.

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Value by Design

Made with the finest natural materials and craftmanship, destined to last a lifetime and become more beautiful with age, our modern designs are timeless to match our quality, not trendy and fleeting. This assures that they will be appreciated and valued for generations.

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