Why Every Bathroom Deserves a Luxury Bath Rug
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Why Every Bathroom Deserves a Luxury Bath Rug

A rug is a powerful way to add style and personality to any space—even the bathroom. Your bathroom should be about more than just utility. A beautiful rug can add both form and function to any bathroom, play to your senses, and make you feel perfectly comfortable in your own skin.

Why limit your styling options to basic bath mats made from synthetic materials? Your eyes and feet will thank you for an upgrade to something gorgeous and soft underfoot.

We’ve assembled this guide to luxury bath rugs to help you find the best material and size for your bathroom.

Is It OK to Have a Rug in the Bathroom?

Yes! Luxury bath rugs are a perfect choice to put in the bathroom as an alternative to low-end bath mats.

Bathrooms usually have cold, hard floors that benefit from the softness and warmth of a luxury rug. Like bath mats, bathroom rugs offer an absorbent, non-slip surface to give your bathroom a dramatic makeover without compromising comfort, safety, or style.

Rugs also come in a wider variety of shapes, sizes, and designs than a traditional bath mat—with better aesthetics.

What Rug Material Is Best for a Bathroom?

Fibers like wool, linen, and hemp are excellent materials for a bathroom rug. These fibers can handle higher humidity and moisture conditions without molding, smelling, or wearing out.



Wool contains natural, oil-based lanolin that softens the fibers and helps waterproof the material. It is naturally moisture-wicking and remains dry to the touch, making it a perfect material for bathroom rugs. Durable wool fibers also naturally facilitate proper airflow to allow moisture to evaporate, making wool rugs a perfect option for high-moisture areas.



Linen, a popular alternative to cotton, is made from flax plant fibers. There’s a reason why linen is a popular material for bathroom rugs: flax fibers are nearly three times stronger than cotton fibers and absorb up to 20% of their weight in liquid. As a bonus, linen rugs dry very quickly.

But you don’t have to sacrifice softness for practicality. Linen lets you enjoy both.



The fact that savvy decorators often place hemp rugs outdoors is a testament to the material’s durability. Luxury bath rugs made from a blend of hemp and wool work well because they’re mildew-resistant and water-tough. Unlike other rug materials, hemp doesn’t attract dust, dirt, and debris. The material also stands up well to wear and tear.

Tips for Styling Your Bathroom with a Luxury Rug

You’ll take your bathroom decor to the next level by styling the rug just right. These tips should help you seamlessly invite a beautiful rug into your space.

Tip #1: Find the Right Rug Size for Your Bathroom

Typical bath mats only come in a few small sizes ranging from 1 ½’ x 2’ to 2’ x 6’.

Fortunately, luxury bath rugs open your options. Rugs are available in round, rectangular, square, and runner shapes and sizes to fit different spaces.

Luxury bath rugs can come in any custom size, but the most common luxury bath rug sizes include:

The most common sizes for a powder room or bathroom are 2x3 and 3x5, and Tufenkian offers hundreds of options to choose from.

If you have a large bathroom, you’ll benefit from a rug that covers more square footage, including 9’ round bathroom rugs.

Sometimes, it’s all about the location. Here are a few common bathroom placements with recommended rug sizes.

Tip #3: Stay True to Your Bathroom’s Style

Ultimately, the bathroom is your haven and you should personalize it according to your tastes.

A rug can do a lot to tie a room together, so choosing a rug that speaks to the rest of your bathroom’s style is essential. Complement the existing tile, artwork, countertops, or fixtures in the space with a rug that accents the room’s tone.


Enhance Your Bathroom with a Luxury Bath Rug

When looking for decorative rugs, don’t ignore your bathroom! This space should be as beautiful as it is functional. You won’t regret adding a touch of luxury with a bath rug.

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